2017 Global CSR activity between Kuwait and Korea

ACSR ( Corporate Social Responsi-bly) activity between Kuwait and Korea was held on Oct 24, 2017 at Kuwait Fire Service Directorate(KFSD). It was attended by high ranking officials from KFSD lead by Major General Jamal Al-Belaihis, Deputy Director General for Fire Fighting Sector and from Korea side lead by KOTRA Kuwait Director General Hyeon Gyu Hwang, and Taesan Industries Corporation’s President Taewon Suh.

During the activity Suh gave sam-ples of fire-fighting suits, winter jackets, fire resistance jacket and pants and explained about new technology which he developed through his business associates to facilitate fire-fighters under severe conditions.

Major General Jamal was impressed and acknowledge the newly devel-oped firefighting suits and he hope that could help their firefighter to perform their duty efficiently.

Hwang of KOTRA Kuwait expressed his deep gratitude to all attendees and revealed that this year he se-lected KFSD for CSR activity because all firefighters are devoted and do noble work for society.

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