Now well-proven BlazeArmor
blends improve comfort and reduce heat stress

  • Excellent Flash Fire protection
  • Inherently Flame resistant. FR
  • properties cannot be removed by washing or wear
  • Industrial launderable – very durable – excellent value. High colour fastness.
  • Blends can be reinforced with Para Aramid-Polyamide – Formaldehyde free
  • Numerous blends and weights
  • ENISO 11612 – NFPA 2112 Chinese GB certified

Advanced protection using Lenzing™ FR branded fibers

Many Oil and Gas personnel have to work in very harsh and hot conditions, but also require suitable protective clothing.
The present 40 year old technology has provided protection, but poor comfort, due to 100% synthetic make up.
End users now seeking a new solution. Several major Oil and Gas Nationals have opted for the BlazeArmor blend.

Lenzing™FR  is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

Aramid/FR Lenzing/Anti-Static fabric qualified by
Underwriters Laboratories in the US.

  • Inherently Flame-Resistant Fabrics have excellent safety protection level and long life-cycle.
  • The fabric could be used under condition with frequent contact with heat and flash fire.
  • Suitable for application such as utilities, chemical, energy, construction and military sectors
  • Rescue sectors, and fire fighters’ station wear. Flight suit.
  • UL certified and EN 11612, EN 11611, EN14116, EN 1149 and NFPA 2112

Aramid/FR Lenzing/Anti-Static Fabrics have already been supplied

for protective clothing in Oil and Gas and industrial applications.

Excellent Arc protection solution,
for Coverall, Shirt/Pant, Polo, Underwear

  • Superior Electric Arc and Flash Fire protection for different HRC level.
  • With Lightweight options, ArcArmor performs well in a variety of climates.
  • Industrial launderable – very durable – excellent value. High c olour fastness.
  • UL listed, EN ISO 11612 – NFPA70E – NFPA 2112-ASTM F 1959- EN 1149 compliant

Advanced protection from ArcArmor using Lenzing™FR technology

Numerous countries and multi-nationals now follow the US based NFPA 70E,
and require arc flash protection globally in a variety of climatic conditions.
ArcArmor 185gm and 215gm, provide greater protection per weight ratio than almost all of the other
products in the market. The true 3rd generation products have arrived.

Lenzing™FR  is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

MeltArmor improves comfort and

reduces heat stress

  • Solutions for Ferrous Metals, (Fe) and Non-Ferrous Metals, (Cu, Zn, Al, etc)
  • Effective protection in Primary Aluminum against the very aggressive Cryolite
  • Inherently Flame resistant FR properties cannot be removed by washing or wear
  • Industrial launderable – very durable – excellent value
  • Numerous blends and weights, Aluminized under development
  • ENISO 11612 – Chinese GB certified

Advanced protection using Lenzing™FR branded fibers

Personnel in metal smelting operations, face inherently difficult situations, hot ambient and radiant heat, molten metal splash, which will cause regular clothing to catch fire. MeltArmor has recently been adopted by a major of Chinese primary aluminum companies after extensive onsite splash testing and wear trials.

Lenzing™FR  is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

Inherently FR Rainwear fabrics,

lightweight, breathable and arc rated

  • FR properties cannot be removed by washing or wear
  • These products provide protection against the risk on complex working conditions
  • Customized 2-layer / 3-layer lamination, Waterproof breathable
  • EN343, ISO11092, EN20471, ASTM F1981, IEC61482-1-2, ISO 13034 TESTED

Suitable for location and jobs which require protection against
flame, water and arc heat, such as electric power industry, oil fields,
mines and military.

Lenzing™FR  is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

Inherently Flame-Resistant Knits
provide the final barrier next to the skin.

  • Very comfortable and breathable inherently FR knits combined with anti-bacteria, insect-proof, cut-resistant.
  • With various options on weight and construction, for summer polo shirt, winter underwear, knitted collars and hoods, etc.
  • Theknits could be incorporated into the garments, to improve flexibility and heat control function.
  • ENISO 11612 – NFPA70E – ASTM F 1959 – NFPA 2112 – EN 388- ANSI/ISEA 105-2011 compliant

Skin-friendly protective fabrics

By using BOAFENG Technical expertise and blending high performance fibres,
like Lenzing™FR, Protex and Aramids, SkinArmor can provide comfortable
multi-functional protection for a wide range of applications.

Lenzing™FR  is a trademark of Lenzing AG.