Lenzing FR®

Lenzing FR® is a specialty viscose fiber. Its entire production process is a strictly managed ecological one. Halogen-free flame retardant agent is added during the process of producing Lenzing FR®.
Such an environmentally-friendly process generates the unique flame resistant fiber, Lenzing FR®.
Most work places have the risk of flame so the safety against heat or flame is the most important standard which safety of a work place is judged by. Lenzing FR® has not only resistance against flame but also reduces heat, which makes it the best option to endure heat.
Heat stress and heat stroke can be avoided.


Registered as Dupont trademark, Nomex® is the aromatic polyamide (aramid), which has inherent flame resistance in the fiber itself unlike other materials that are treated to have flame resistance.
Such feature originates from its chemical of polymer so its flame resistance does not diminish over time. Nomex® IIIA is produced by mixing Nomex®, Kevlar®, and Dupont’s antistatic fiber(P-140) and this fabric is used for flame and heat resistance clothing. Whit wrinkle-free performance, Nomex® IIIA can be dyed uniformly in various color options.
Mixing it with Kevlar® results in less shrinking when it comes in contact with and heat source, which leads to a reduction in rupture and damage. The P-140 textile enhances the feel and touch of wearing it since it gets rid of static electricity created by the friction between textile.


Para-aramid was first developed by Dupont in 1972. Widely known as Kevlar®, Dupont brand, it does not break easily since it has a high tensile strength. As a fiber with superb resistance against heat, flame and chemicals, it also features outstanding performance in terms of electrical insulation and cut resistance. It is also five times stronger than steel.


A modacrylic has properties that are similar to an acrylic. However, modacrylics are flame retardant and do not combust. The fibers are difficult to ignite and will self-extinguish. In addition to a modacrylic’s flame retardant properties it has a relatively high durability that is comparable to wool. Modacrylic fibers have a moderate resistance to abrasion and a very low tenacity. One of the most interesting properties of Modacrylic fabrics is the arc flash protection, where it has very good values. Modacrylics are poor conductors of heat. The fabrics are soft, warm and resilient but are prone to pilling and matting. Modacrylics display high performance when it comes to appearance retention. The fibers are quite resilient and will not wrinkle. They also have great dimensional stability and high elastic recovery, which gives them the ability to hold their shape.

FR Cotton